Experienced Austin Trial Lawyers You Can Trust

Our Austin Law Firm is here to help you assert your legal remedies, protect your legal rights and to give you peace of mind for the future. Through meticulous preparation and execution, we aim to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to our clients.

Intellectual Property

Our Austin civil law firm has represented client disputes involving the enforcement of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and intellectual property rights. We have handled patent disputes in many diverse areas, including patents pertaining to semiconductors, medical devices, software, internet, and computer hardware.

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Business Litigation

Our Austin trial lawyers have litigated cases involving the interpretation and enforcement of contractual rights in breach of contract claims. The breadth of these contractual rights matches the types of contracts people can make, whether they are written, oral, employment, sale of goods or services, or transfer of intellectual property.

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Securities Litigation

Our experienced Austin securities ligation attorneys have represented clients in disputes involving investment fraud, annuity fraud, misrepresentation of securities, negligent investment advice, account churning, and other breach of securities laws. We have recovered millions of dollars in damages on our client’s behalf.

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Personal Injury Litigation

Our Austin civil litigation lawyers have handled cases involving allegations of unfair and deceptive insurance practices, unfair claim settlements, coverage disputes, prompt payment of claims violations, We also represent insureds at the request of insurance carriers in accordance with their insurance policies and governing laws.

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Why Our Clients Choose Our Austin Civil Litigation Attorneys

Experienced Litigation Attorneys

Our Austin litigation attorneys with decades of civil litigation practice has the knowledge and experience to successfully argue our client’s civil lawsuit cases in a variety of state and federal courts.

Advocate On Your Behalf

Civil lawsuits can be very complex and it takes experienced trial lawyers to acknowledge and address our client’s concerns. Our Austin civil lawyers has the experience to successfully ligate a wide scope of civil cases.

Cost-Effective Dispute Resolutions

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a lawsuit, civil litigation can be very costly. Our Austin civil trial attorneys strive to work effectively and efficiently to achieve the highest results for our clients.