Giving you access to the hottest information technology (IT) products and solutions, as the supply aggregator for several of the worlds largest public and private organizations, such as IBM, Dell, and AT&T; and more than 1400 manufacturers. With Mobilematics, all the top, high-velocity solutions you need are always at your fingertips. We will work with you to analyze your current distributors, suppliers, vendors, and product lines and develop a program to streamline your product procurement and maximize the value of your diversity programs.

Staging, Configuration and Services

Providing you a complete array of staging and configuration services, at the point of distribution, with integration services available at various locations around the country. With access to more than 3.6 million square feet of warehousing, Mobilematics offers cost-effective staging facilities in a secure environment that supports your needs.

Worldwide Expedited Shipping

Leveraging our partnership with the worlds largest logistics provider to guarantee on-time delivery. With Mobilematics, you can be confident the solutions you order will be there when you need them, with 99.9% order fulfillment efficiency. With our ZPlatform, we provide you data analytics on all your product and service purchases, so you can keep track of your inventory. We also offer dedicated head count to support a white glove service, for those instances when you require special care and treatment.

Automation & Ecommerce

Developing new methodologies and automation capabilities that streamline your supply chain and reduce your operational costs. Mobilematics can work with your existing procurement systems and mechanisms and extend them to encompass a wider variety of technology solutions and vendors. Alternatively, you can place orders through Mobilematics customized eCommerce capabilities to scale your procurement capabilities.

Visibility & Reporting

Offering you unparalleled visibility and accurate reporting across multiple procurement organizations to enable the predictability of your supply chain. This information helps improve sales development around key product lines and coordination between procurement and support teams. Our ZPortal makes it easy to stay on top of renewals and upgrades of end of life (EOL) products.