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Motorcycle riding has become increasingly popular in Austin and in Central Texas as the area continues to grow. This is not surprising, as there are few activities that match the exhilaration a motorcycle rider feels when riding on open road with the wind in his or her hair. Unfortunately, as the number of motorcycle riders increases, the number of motorcycle accidents also increases. When motorcycle accidents do occur, motorcycle riders tend to incur very serious injuries, as they are usually without any significant protection other than a helmet and some leathers. A collision that causes very little, if any, damage to an automobile can be disastrous for a motorcycle accident victim. The Law Offices of Steven D. Urban is an experienced Austin Motorcycle Accident Law Firm and can help you if you have been injured in a Texas Motorcycle Accident.

By the Numbers

Motorcycle accidents are on the rise in Texas and may happen more often than you think. The Texas Department of Transportation recently reported that in 2011, there were 10,859 motorcycle accidents in this state causing injuries or fatalities. 5,970 of these motorcycle accidents reported someone involved having a “serious injury” and requiring immediate medical attention. Even more tragically, 479 people lost their lives in Texas motorcycle accidents during the same year. The fact of the matter is that anyone who loves to ride their motorcycle is at risk, regardless of their ability to ride. If you have been injured in a Austin or Central Texas Motorcycle Accident, let our experience work for you.

We can help if you’ve suffered a motorcycle accident in Central Texas

Motorcycle accidents are more often than not caused by the negligence of automobile drivers with whom motorcycle riders share the road. A moment of carelessness which is usually inconsequential for someone driving a car can be fatal for someone driving a motorcycle. Because Motorcycles are smaller than cars, they are also often harder to see. However, that doesn’t relieve automobile and truck drivers from their duty to look for motorcycle riders, nor their duty to yield to them. When these duties are breached, these negligent drivers can be held liable for any damages they have caused the innocent motorcycle rider.

Let Us Help You

If you have been the victim of a Austin, Texas motorcycle crash, contact us and let us help you. We can pursue the negligent driver for damages to insure you are made whole.

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